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An Exciting BNPL Announcement for AMEX Card Holders

Online payment processing just got better for merchants. In addition to Visa and Mastercard, customers can now use a new credit card provider with our Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution.

QuickFee is pleased to announce that our BNPL payment option now supports American Express (AMEX) credit cards. 

Accepting additional credit card providers allows more current and prospective customers to use the cards they already own. According to Nilson Report: 

American Express is the largest issuer of credit cards to small businesses in the U.S. Annual purchase volume exceeds $240 billion.

Why Should I Offer a BNPL Solution to AMEX Holders?

Offering flexible payment methods to customers for your services has many benefits, including easier billing conversations, guaranteed cash flow, and 24/7 accessibility to payment information.

Not all customers can afford to pay a full invoice in one lump sum. Paying with a BNPL solution helps AMEX holders manage their finances more easily without comprising merchants’ cash flow.

How Does BNPL Powered by QuickFee Work with AMEX?

When a customer chooses their BNPL plan through their preferred merchant’s payment portal, they can input their AMEX credit card as a payment method – along with their invoice information and installment preference. 

QuickFee then authorizes that invoice amount, and the customer’s payment installments are charged to their AMEX card once per month.

The QuickFee team has already updated payment portals for our BNPL users, so your customers are aware of this new feature. Please feel free to contact your account manager with any questions.

Find out more about offering your customers payment flexibility.