About Us

Let’s face it: Every professional has clients who don’t pay on time. Many also struggle with unplanned or unexpected expenses — giving a competitive advantage to firms that can offer multiple payment methods and types.

A Trusted Payments Partner​

Since 2009, QuickFee has helped CPA and law firms manage payments, financing, and billing automation. With multiple convenient payment options and powerful integrations for practice management systems and engagement letters, the QuickFee platform empowers firms to make payments as painless as possible. So your clients can pay how and when they want – while you get paid in full every single time.


Our Mission: Revenue Generation and A/R Acceleration ​

We help professional service firms increase client spend, get paid faster, improve cash flow, save time and money, and reduce aging receivables. No matter your goals, we’ll help your business soar with an affordable and scalable payment solution. You’re also backed by our world-class customer service team, with industry-leading A/R and payments experts on hand to ask questions or dive into best practices.

Our Values:
Putting Service First

Our Values: Putting Service First

As a company, we’re deeply rooted in service. After all, we began by serving professionals who give back to their communities every day. Developed in collaboration with our global team, our core values underpin our diversity, inclusion, and community give-back programs. These are our essence and describe not only who we are on our best days, but how we support our customers every day.


We bring our humanity to every conversation with an open heart and an open mind


We care for our people and the communities in which we serve


We are in service to our customers, stakeholders, and to each other


We solve before we sell because persistent curiosity delivers stronger outcomes


We rise, fall, fix, and learn together

Talent First,
 Location Second​

QuickFee is a “talent first, location second” organization. That’s because we understand how important it is to offer more flexibility not just with our clients, but with our employees and coworkers too. We empower our global team with the tools, technology, and support they need to be successful — no matter where they live.