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About Us

Let’s face it: Every professional has clients who don’t pay on time. Many also struggle with unplanned or unexpected expenses — giving a competitive advantage to firms that can offer multiple payment methods and types.

A Trusted Payments Partner

Since 2009, QuickFee has helped CPA and legal professionals manage receivables and get paid for their work faster. With one convenient platform, professional service firms can accept online payments, offer financing, and manage client invoices. Clients can pay how and when they want – while the pros get paid upfront every single time.

We empower your clients to pay how and when they want.


Our Mission: Less Receivables, More Achievables

It’s our goal to help professional firms get paid and take back control of their time from chasing down payments. Whether you want to smooth your cash flow or sell more of your services, QuickFee will tailor your solution to fit your needs.


Our Mission: Flexible Payments for All

It’s our goal to help merchants get paid anytime, anywhere, while empowering their customers to access all the services they need. Whether you want to smooth your cash flow or sell more of your services, QuickFee will help you find the right payment solutions.

Our Values:
Putting Service First

As a company, we’re deeply rooted in service. After all, we began by serving professionals who give back to their communities every day. Developed in collaboration with our global team, our core values underpin our diversity, inclusion, and community give-back programs. These are our essence and describe not only who we are on our best days, but how we support our customers every day.

Humanity – we bring our humanity to every conversation with an open heart and an open mind
Care – we care for our people and the communities in which we serve
Serve – we are in service to our customers, stakeholders, and to each other
Solve – we solve before we sell because persistent curiosity delivers stronger outcomes
Evolve – we rise, fall, fix, and learn together

Talent First,
Location Second

QuickFee is a “talent first, location second” organization. That’s because we understand how important it is to offer more flexibility not just with our clients, but with our employees and coworkers too. We empower our global team with the tools, technology, and support they need to be successful — no matter where they live.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team includes experienced professionals from some of the largest financial technology, payments, and lending businesses in the country. It also includes industry leaders in professional services, sales, marketing, product management, and other areas.

Eric Lookhoff
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Bruce Coombes
Executive and Managing Director, Australia
Simon Yeandle
Chief Financial
Jay Alsup
Chief Marketing