Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How does QuickFee work?

With our core Pay Now solution, we will set your firm up with an entire payment portal that offers the option for easy ACH/EFT processing, credit card payments, financing plans, and recurring ACH plans.

You also have the option to offer financing only (Pay Over Time) or you can integrate your QuickFee solutions directly with your practice management system (Connect.) Please read the linked product pages for more information.

What does QuickFee cost?

QuickFee is committed to saving your firm time and money during the payment process. Pricing varies depending on which solutions you select and the size of your firm. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer fee factoring?

No. At QuickFee we offer a client-friendly financing option that allows your client to pay over time while you get paid upfront in a few days. This is not the same as factoring and you always own the client relationship.

Will QuickFee reach out directly to my clients?

No. QuickFee serves you and your clients in the background. When you invoice your clients, you simply provide QuickFee as an additional payment option and we will process any loan paperwork for financing. Any direct contact is up to you.

What types of businesses use QuickFee?

QuickFee serves accounting practices and law firms, and we can work with some other professional service firms such as consultancies and market research firms. QuickFee best serves multiple-partner firms that invoice individual commercial clients into the thousands of dollars, as smaller amounts would not qualify for lending consideration.

Which clients can use QuickFee?

Any client can use QuickFee Pay Now to make online payments to your firm. For Pay Over Time financing, please note that QuickFee does not offer consumer loans. We can serve any of your commercial clients.

Is training available for your platform?

QuickFee is very easy to use, but we’ll still walk you through training when you start – at no charge to your firm. Once your firm signs on, we can often have you up and running in less than 48 hours.

Credit Card/ACH Processing Questions

Can we accept international payments?

Yes, you can accept international credit cards. For the billing state, select “Other” and enter all zeros for zip code. Please note we cannot accept international ACH payments at this time.

How do I cancel or refund a credit card transaction?

If you’re an admin user of the QuickFee firm portal, you can cancel or refund a credit card transaction. Here are the instructions for how to access this part of the firm portal and submit the cancel or refund request.

  • Click on the ACH/Card menu in the upper right corner of your firm portal.
  • Select “Transactions.”
  • Unhide search filters (if hidden.)
  • Use the Transaction ID or another search field to pull up the transaction in question. Once you’ve found the right transaction, click on “View” link to open transaction.
  •  The cancel or refund button will display based on the transaction status. If the transaction is “Pending,” it can be cancelled. If it’s already settled, you will need to request a refund.

How do I cancel or refund an ACH transaction?

Please email your request to

How do I know if I am an Admin user, or how do I become an Admin user?

Admin users of the firm portal are distinguished from portal users because they have the ability to refund and/or cancel credit card transactions. As an Admin user, you should see the cancel or refund buttons on credit card transactions. If you do not see those features and would like to have that access, please email with your request.

I tried to run a test transaction but my payment options are not showing.

The minimum transaction amount is by default set to $20 to avoid fraud and bots. If you try to do a transaction for less than $20, no payment options will show.

Financing Questions

How much does this option cost my firm?

Nothing! QuickFee Pay Over Time is free for your firm to use and there are no long-term contracts.

What are the loan terms?

Depending on your firm’s agreement, your clients can select between 3 and 12 months for repayment. QuickFee does not stipulate fixed maximum loan amounts, but generally, we try to limit each firm’s overall exposure to 12% of revenue. Loans up to $100,000 can be processed through our cloud-based system, and you can always contact us when higher amounts are involved.

What are the interest rates for financing?

Interest rates vary with the term of the loan. Please contact us for the current range of rates we offer.

When will my business get paid for a payment plan?

You will be settled the full amount of the invoice within 2-5 business days after the first payment is debited from the client.

Are there any penalties for early repayment by the client?

No, clients may settle their balance at any time by paying the outstanding principal and any interest accrued since the last payment. Our system calculates these amounts in line with an amortization formula.

What information does QuickFee need to approve a payment plan?

Once an application is submitted, QuickFee will generally approve payment plans under $5000 without any need for additional documentation. For payment plans $35,000 and greater, and in some circumstances, QuickFee will require a copy of the invoice(s). Please email these to your Account Manager for expedited approval.

How can a client start a payment plan?

There are 2 ways your client can start a payment plan:

  1. Showing the “Monthly Payments” option on your QuickFee payment link.
  2. Client accepts a payment plan quote generated by your team (or your QuickFee Account Manager).

Can a client have multiple payment plans at once?

Yes, a client can start a second payment plan or restructure their existing payment plan to add in additional invoices. To restructure, contact your dedicated Account Manager.

What happens if a client defaults on a payment plan?

After both parties have determined the client will not continue their loan obligation, QuickFee will collect back the remaining unpaid principal from your business.

Can a client use a credit card for a payment plan?

Credit cards are not accepted for payment plans at this time; only ACH transfers. However your client can pay via credit card if you offer online payments (Pay Now) with QuickFee.

How can I view all current payment plans and our live exposure?

The “Loan Listing” report available on your QuickFee portal will show you all topline details for each payment plan, as well as the total remaining principal/current business exposure.

To pull the Loan Listing report:

  • Log into the QuickFee portal at
  • Click “Loans” and click “Loan Listing.”
  • Select “Detail” select your Start and End Date from the drop down menu.
  • Sort/Group – click “Loan” then click “Excel” to generate the report.