Podcast: Accounting and Finance Modernization with Tom Hood and Jason Staats

accounting and finance modernization

Looking Back at a Year of Adaptability

What one skill will be the most valuable for future accounting and finance professionals?  Adaptability.

In this exciting episode of the QuickFee podcast, you’ll hear from visionary experts Tom Hood (AICPA), Jason Staats (Realize), and Rafael Casas (QuickFee) on why 2023 was the “Year of Adaptability” for accounting and finance, and what this means going forward.

This can’t-miss conversation will give you critical insight into modernization trends, tips to adopt AI more effectively now, and the vision to fortify your team for the future.

What you can expect to learn from this episode:

  • Expert vision and commentary on the recent shifts in finance and accounting
  • Overview of the modern CFO role and how it fits into the “next Industrial Revolution”
  • A tactical AI roadmap that covers top down AND bottom up approaches
  • Strategies to build a robust CAS tech stack at your firm

Listen to the full episode on Spotify below! To learn more about how QuickFee can help modernize your firm’s payments and Accounts Receivable processes, contact us here for a free demo.