Podcast: Building and Elevating an Effective CAS Practice

building and elevating an effective CAS practice

In Conversation with Aprio and Woodard

Don’t just adapt to CAS—lead the change! In an era where firms are strategically shifting from a conventional tax practice to Client Advisory Services (CAS), this podcast episode is your guide to mastering the art of personalized client service.

In this 1-hour episode hosted by QuickFee, you’ll get actionable insights from three industry experts on client advisory and accounting: Deborah A. Defer (Director of CAAS Services at WOODARD Consulting), Emily Cheshire (Director of Managed Services at Aprio), and Rafael Casas (Director of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships at QuickFee). 

Discover how to build and elevate an effective CAS practice, invest in the right tech stack and talent, and create a tailored experience your clients will love.

Key topics in this podcast include:

  • Core fundamentals & mindset required to build an effective CAS Practice
  • Where to start with building the perfect tech stack (internal and external)
  • Getting top-down and bottom-up “buy in” on CAS
  • Creating a culture of Intrapreneurship at your firm
  • How to identify, onboard, and upskill CAS talent
  • Avoiding the most common risks and roadblocks to effective CAS work

Listen to the full episode on Spotify below! For more information about how QuickFee can help support your effective CAS practice and accelerate your growth goals, contact us here for a free demo.