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QuickFee Integrates Online Payment Solutions with Xero

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QuickFee Integrates Online Payment Solutions with Xero

The new QuickFee application offers Xero users an end-to-end invoicing and payment experience.

LOS ANGELES, California – QuickFee, a leading payments solution partner for professional and commercial service providers, today announces that it has integrated its payments and payment plan functionality with Xero, one of the fastest-growing cloud-based accounting software companies globally.

The move provides a simple solution for accountants to accept payments online, including credit card, ACH/EFT, and payment plans all in one place. With this integration, QuickFee looks to accelerate the digital processes that solve workflow challenges in the accounting industry.

Combined with Xero’s easy-to-use platform, QuickFee simplifies everyday business tasks. Customers will be able to click a link within their invoice and pay from their browser, phone, or tablet. This process eliminates tedious data entry work for both parties and allows the firm to reduce aging receivables.

“Time and again, we hear from accounting firms and partners about two common challenges: The need to get paid on time while remaining empathetic to a client’s cashflow circumstances, and the need to cut down on manual data entry tasks for busy staff members… With the Xero integration, QuickFee solves both these challenges and delivers a true end-to-end payment experience, just as we have done over recent months for other clients in Australia such as GreatSoft.”

Bruce Coombes, Managing Director of QuickFee Australia

“When you look at how the accounting world is evolving to meet client demands for convenience and improve client outcomes, you can see there’s an urgent need for intelligent automated solutions that go beyond the cost analysis. QuickFee’s integration with Xero provides firms with a streamlined payment solution which connects with their clients throughout the invoicing process. Instead of spending time preparing and collecting invoices, firms can focus on what they do best – helping customers.”

Eric Lookhoff, CEO at QuickFee

Other benefits of the integration include:

  • Real-time receipting of client payments
  • Credit card processing without the firm wearing the cost of a merchant account
  • Full PCI compliance managed by QuickFee
  • Field completion direct from the Xero invoice

The QuickFee application is also easy to set up. Existing users can activate the new payment service from their QuickFee login and choose to start accepting a range of comprehensive payment methods, including payment plans. This gives customers the flexibility to pay how and when they want 24/7.

Find QuickFee in the Xero Marketplace here! For more information about QuickFee’s online payment solutions, please contact us to schedule a demo.