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Electronic Payment Authorization Terms

By checking the tick box and submitting this ACH payment, You acknowledge that You accept the following terms:

You are requesting and authorizing QuickFee, Inc. (QuickFee) to act as a payment processor between You and a professional service provider (the Provider). You agree that QuickFee is not responsible for the terms, delivery, or quality of services (the Services) that Provider performs or agrees to perform for you.

You are providing your electronic signature (as the deposit account holder of the personal deposit account identified on Step 3* or as an authorized signer on behalf of the Company identified on Step 3* as the deposit account holder of the business account identified on Step 3*). (*) Step 3 refers to the “Step 3: Payment Details” page of the QuickFee Secure Online Payment Portal.

You are authorizing QuickFee or its payment processing agent to initiate a one-time electronic fund transfer in the form of an ACH debit from the deposit account in the amount you entered.

You agree to be bound by the Operating Rules and Operating Guidelines of NACHA, which are the rules governing the ACH network.

You have added the QuickFee Company ID 8450479415 and 1810887694 to any Blockers, Filters and/or Exceptions You have in place on your business/personal bank account (often referred to as ACH Positive Pay) confirming QuickFee is authorized to process this payment against Your bank account.

You are responsible for the data entered into this Web site and You are responsible for reviewing for inaccuracies all of the information transmitted to QuickFee. If there are inaccuracies, You are responsible for those and any fees QuickFee incurs as a result of those inaccuracies will be passed onto You.

You acknowledge and agree that any dispute you may have with the delivery, quality, quantity, accuracy, or value of the Services must be resolved between You and the Provider. You acknowledge and agree that any partial or complete refund of the payment you are authorizing must be provided to you by the Provider and not by Quickfee. You agree that QuickFee is not responsible for the manner in which Provider deposits, applies, or otherwise processes your payment.

You authorize QuickFee to pay the amount you have entered to the Provider identified by the information you have entered, whether it is a Provider identifier, an invoice number, or otherwise.

Providing Notice of Revocation

If you would like to have your auto pay authorization revoked please provide notice of revocation to QuickFee by sending an email to or call 844 968 4387.

Recurring ACH

If You enter, or have entered, into an agreement with QuickFee that authorizes ACH Recurring Payments or regularly scheduled debits to Your Nominated Bank Account or have signed a QuickFee ACH Recurring Payment Authorization Form (each a “ACH Recurring Payment Agreement”), then:

You understand and agree that any and all changes in Your Nominated Bank Account information, including requests to terminate any ACH Recurring Payment Agreement, must be in writing and be delivered to QuickFee, at the above address, at least 21 days prior to the next due date specified within the ACH Recurring Payment Agreement (“Payment Due Date”). If the Payment Due Date falls on a weekend or holiday, You understand and agree that the payment may be executed on the next business day;

You understand and agree that as this is an electronic transaction, adequate funds must be available for withdrawal from Your Nominated Bank Account by the Payment Due Date. In the case of an ACH transaction being rejected for Non Sufficient Funds (NSF), submission error, or other bank related return reasons, You understand and agree that QuickFee may at its discretion resubmit the ACH debit transaction within thirty (30) days. You understand and agree that a return item charge may be assessed for each returned ACH debit; and

You acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to Your Nominated Bank Account must comply with provisions of U.S. law and You agree not to dispute any recurring billing with Your bank so long as the transactions correspond to the terms indicated in this Agreement or any other agreement between You and QuickFee.