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Extend credit without breaking the bank

Give your clients the freedom to pay over time. You own the client relationship at all times – and receive 100% of the invoiced amount upfront.

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Win more business and improve cash flow.

QuickFee Financing is an easy way to support your clients, without putting your firm at risk. Clients can pay over 3 to 12 months, while you get paid upfront. Best of all, it’s free: There are no monthly fees or minimums.

Prepare a Quote

Enter some basic client information in your QuickFee account and send to your client via email or your method of choice.

Quote Is Accepted

The payment plan offer can be accepted by your client manually or electronically, using our convenient acceptance form.

You Get Paid in Full

Once your client is approved and accepts the terms, the full amount arrives in your bank account within 1-3 business days.

A QuickFee Success Story

With QuickFee we were aiming to solve three problems; the first one was to provide our clients with an opportunity to pay by installments, the second one was of course to improve our cash flow and liquidity, and the third one was to manage our debtors even better, in particular long outstanding debts.

Simon Fermanis, Senior Audit Partner, PKF


A Unique Payment Option Your Clients Already Love

Make it easy for your clients with additional ways to pay. We surveyed over 4000 clients of leading professional service firms on why they had used a QuickFee payment plan. The results speak for themselves.

Why did you decide to pay with a payment plan?

Help With Cash Flow

How important is it that payment plans are offered?

Very Important

How would you rate QuickFee on ease of use?

Very Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this factoring?

This is NOT factoring. Your firm owns the debtors at all times and your firm receives 100% of the fees being funded.

Is QuickFee Financing ABA compliant?

Yes. We can automatically split funds into operating and trust accounts if requested and all QuickFee products are compliant with ABA Formal Opinion 484.

What does the process look like?

You can either issue and submit payment plan quotes using our cloud-based quote system, or we can set your firm up with an payment portal that offers your clients not just payment plans, but also ACH and credit card payment options (if needed). If your client decide to use payment plan options to pay you, we run a credit check on the client’s company. Upon approval, which is usually within a few hours, we debit the first installment from your client and provide 100% of the invoiced amount to your firm.

How much does It cost?

QuickFee Financing is free to use for your firm and there are no long term contracts.

What are the client loan terms?

Clients select between 3 and 12 months for repayment. QuickFee does not stipulate fixed maximum loan amounts, but generally, we try to limit overall exposure to any one firm to 12% of revenue. Loans up to $100,000 can be processed through our cloud-based system, and you can always contact us when higher amounts are involved.

What are the interest rates?

Interest rates charged to your clients vary with the term of the loan but typically start as low as 3.95%. Monthly installments and total cost of the loan will be clearly displayed up front and there are no hidden fees or costs. Please contact us for the current rates we.

What if we don't want a third-party dealing with our clients?

QuickFee serves you and your clients in the background. When you invoice your clients, you simply provide QuickFee as an additional payment option. We only process your clients’ loan paperwork- any direct contact is left up to you.

What is Fee Financing?

Fee Financing (or Fee Funding) is the technical term for the payment plan options that QuickFee offers under the PayNow+ and Financing product lines. Essentially QuickFee loans your clients the funds needed to pay you immediately, freeing up their capital and allowing them to pay the balance in monthly installments.

What types of firms use QuickFee?

QuickFee serves accounting practices and legal firms primarily, though we’re open to working with other types of professional service firms such as consultancies and market research firms. QuickFee best serves multiple-partner firms that invoice individual commercial clients into the thousands of dollars (smaller amounts would not qualify for lending consideration).

What clients should I recommend QuickFee to?

QuickFee does not make consumer loans, so we serve your commercial clients. All have the potential need for Fee Financing from time to time. Since QuickFee is a client-selected option, they decide when it’s a good fit.

Is training available for using your services?

QuickFee is very easy to use, but we’ll still walk you through how to use our services- at no charge to your firm. Once your firm signs on, we can have you up and running in less than 48 hours.

Are there any penalties for early repayment by the client?

No, clients may settle their outstanding Fee Financing balance at any time by paying the outstanding principal and any interest accrued since the last payment. Our system calculates these amounts in line with an amortization formula.

What marketing materials can you provide to our firm?

QuickFee provides co-branded flyers you can use to explain and offer the service to clients. We can also provide digital graphics for your website, invoices, newsletters, etc.

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